A yakiniku restaurant that you can enjoy without having to stretch your shoulders is open near Kinshicho Station.

We offer fresh meat that has been carefully selected.

Freshness is important for eating delicious food. In order to serve delicious meat to our customers, we have prepared hormones and lean meat directly sent from Shibaura, so you can enjoy grilled meat full of umami near Kinshicho Station.
We offer not only grilled meat but also "sashimi" so that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the meat. Hatsu sashimi, which can be enjoyed only because it is fresh meat, has been well received by many customers, so please try it once when you come to the store. We are looking forward to your visit with a wide variety of meat dishes so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of various other meats.

We send information about recruitment

Post jobs for full-time employees and part-time jobs

雇用形態Full-time employee
募集店舗All stores

Monthly salary 250,000-500,000


18 years and over
Energetic and cheerful people, inexperienced people are welcome!


9 hours work from 15:00 to 25:00


Fully equipped with social insurance, transportation expenses provided (with limit), uniforms provided


We will prepare food and drinks and handle customers in the hall.


Applications are accepted by phone.
Recruiter: 03-6666-0165


We have a store within walking distance from the nearest station


company name

GPS Co., Ltd.

store information

Charcoal-grilled Hormone Nakaji Main Store
Charcoal-grilled hormone Nakaji

Street address

3-2-2 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Dormi Kinshicho Daiko Building 1F

phone number
business hours

17: 00-24: 00


We are open in a place that is suitable for meeting and can be reached immediately from Kinshicho Station. The location is very easy to understand from the station, so even first-time customers can easily come to the store. In addition to its good location, we are particular about the essential taste of yakiniku. It is perfect for customers who want to enjoy authentic meat at the station Chika. Please make a reservation by phone first. All the staff are waiting for you.

About us

You can enjoy a yakiniku course with 〆 near Kinshicho Station

We have multiple yakiniku courses and are open near Kinshicho Station.

It opened in April 2020 with the goal of delivering delicious meat to our customers. We are always providing services that are close to our customers so that we can become a long-established store that will be patronized by many locals in the future. As a result, we are grateful that it has been used by various customers since it opened. We will continue to focus on quality and customer service so that our customers can enjoy the delicious hormones sent directly from Shibaura, so if you want to eat delicious meat near you, please come visit us. We will entertain our customers with dishes using delicious meat carefully selected by the manager himself.
We offer three course meals to satisfy our customers. There is a "light meal course" for those who want to eat lightly, and a "standard course" which is a standard course. Since it is a course that includes cooking, it is highly satisfying after eating, and has been highly evaluated by many people. Of course, in addition to course meals, we also have many dishes and meats, so you can enjoy it in a way that suits you.

We operate a yakiniku restaurant with a profound design near Kinshicho Station.

The surrounding environment is also important for delicious food, so we are particular about creating an atmosphere. The space with a profound and sophisticated design has received compliments from many customers, such as "fashionable" and "relaxing." In addition, it is used not only by men but also by women, such as for couples and girls-only gatherings, so please feel free to visit us. The cheerful and friendly staff will treat you carefully so that you will be satisfied, and will serve you with delicious meat.
With the goal of letting you enjoy delicious meat as much as possible, we prepare delicious meat that has been carefully selected and sent directly from Shibaura, so you can enjoy fresh and delicious meat. We serve a wide range of meat, from standard tongue salt to Ichibo and Chateaubriand. In addition to the single item menu, we also have delicious course dishes prepared with the customer in mind and assorted meat. If you are not sure about the meat part, you can ask a question and the staff will explain the features carefully, so you can use it with confidence.